Our experts are leading neuroscientists. Neuro is modern behavioral science. We help our customers objectively understand how people think and how this generates behavior and performance in different states and contexts. This means talent and potential explained!

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Cognitive Neuroscience

The knowledge of how the brain's information processing creates behaviors, thoughts, feelings and decisions. This is so far a missing piece on the market, adding valuable insights in human behavior.


A specialized branch of psychology uses neuro-based testing to measure cognitive abilities to understand strengths and weaknesses and support development of individuals, teams and organizations.


The Report

A standard report is rich in data and insights. Supplementary analyzes can be tailored. In psychologist-led testing, subjective observations are included in the report.

A complete report includes

Objective cognitive measures


   Cognitive profile

   Individual cognitive abilities

Performance at increased complexity

   Variation in different abilities for easy and difficult tasks

Cognitive endurance

   Performance over time for complex tasks

Cognitive awareness

   Self-insight about own cognitive capacity

Predictive index

   Indicative leadership and performance index

The report can also include matching towards other individuals to understand similarities and differences in the cognitive profile.

The model

Our model captures and explains relevant cognitive functions and their capacity.