The most evidence-based methods

We are experts in understanding and helping behavioral development. Our scientific platform is cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology.


We work with cognitive test development, cognitive profiling, interpretation and contextualization. And Development of functional behavior and performance by optimizing and compensation strengths and weaknesses.

Executive functions

The so called executive functions reside in the frontal lobe. These are the functions regulating and controlling human behavior. We measure the capacity to successfully operate in a changing environment. Whether it is in business, sports or life in general.

What we are and are not

We are experts in cognition and behavior. We work with the most evidence-based tools for assessment of cognition and behavioral development.


We do not work with personality inventories. We fully know and understand IQ and IQ-testing instruments and can when and if needed include such tools in our assessments.


Most so called ability tests available on the market normally stem from IQ-tests and measure only a limited part of the cognition, often based on visual capacity and matrixes. They don’t capture the dynamics of real life, which is what we assess.

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