Understand people on a deeper  level

Applied accesible Neuroscience gives a deeper and more nuanced understanding of  the abilities behind talent and potential. The result is deep insight and more informed decisions

The missing piece in understanding people

People are dynamic and behavior changes in different contexts. This dynamic makes recruitment, leadership and teamwork challenging. By understanding the abilities and drivers behind behavior and performance we can also better understand talent and potential. The natural ability to be good at something and how to realize this ability.

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A unique neuro-based assessment tool for cognitive profiling.

Integrate easily with our AI-powered digital platform including assessment, analysis and reporting . For any actor in Talent Management, like recruiters, ATS, job-bords and psychological test providers. Also coaches, leadership-,  organization-,  and HR consultants. 

Neuro-based premium services like training, assessment, Coaching. By and with experts in cognition and behavior for the deepest understanding of individuals, teams and organizations.

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Choose between digital or psychologist-led assessment tools and profiling.



Assess individuals, teams or  entire organizations, anytime during the talent process.


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Our report and support services offer deeper understanding of individual abilities, talent and potential



Deeper understanding and sharper, more informed decisions in selection, team building and HR development

We help you take more conscious decisions!

Sharper, deeper,

more nuanced

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We are getting noticed for our valuable approach.


"Top 10 companies in Europe at the forefront of providing assessment consulting/services and impacting business."

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