Game Intelligence

We help you understand and unlock
the potential of people, scientifically

Evidence-based cognitive assessmen

and behavioural development

GI for Organizations

The sharpest and most objective way to find, select and develop talent in business, sport, schools and society.





1. Education

Learn about cognition and executive functions from the leading experts. Understand how it shapes behavior and performance.

2. Prediction

The deeper understanding of your people's abilities and behaviors enables you to predict their performance more accurately.

3. Prevention

Understanding your people deeply, you can anticipate and prevent unwanted outcomes in diverse areas such as stress, conflict, decision making, etc.

4. Selection

Drastically improve your hit rate. We help you understand who is the right person at the right place and also how to create the right place.

5. Matching

Matching different cognitive profiles reveals cognitive similarities, differences and how these correlate to behavior, cooperation & conflict.

6. Development

The insights from cognitive capacity is the sharpest tool for improving relevant behavior for leaders, individuals, teams or organizations.

GI for Individuals

The most objective, fast and accurate way to unlock your full potential. 

1. Self-Awareness

Understanding your cognitive and executive capacity helps you maximize your job selection and collaboration with your boss, partner & team.

2. Optimization &


Relating your capacity to others, you can optimize and compensate your strengths and weaknesses in your own environment.

3. Cognitive Coaching

Our coaches are behavioral experts working with the most evidence-based methods for developing functional behaviors and performance.

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