• Anders Norén

Increase Effectiveness of Blind Recruitment – with Deep Cognitive Assessment

Blind recruitment is an increasingly popular method for unbiased and fair evaluation. It means that details such as gender, name and other information are being concealed from the employer. Apart from blocking any possible bias in the recruiting process, it also promotes equality and diversity. Although blind recruitment is a great step in the right direction, part of the bias still remains and there is plenty of room for improvement. The traditional “non-blind” information gathered when recruiting consist of education, experience, competence and knowledge. Most companies also apply psychological testing to understand personality-traits and logical thinking. The challenge is that many of these tests are highly subjective and/or limited when it comes to measuring real-life behaviour and performance in dynamic environment. Despite all this information, still 50% of all recruitments are considered less successful. Something seem to be missing. The good news is that cognitive neuroscience add a missing evidence-based piece to industrial-organizational psychology and to understanding the cognitive talents and abilities! of an individual. If you think about it, cognition is involved in all human activities. Cognition is about the brain’s information processing thoughts, feelings and decision making. And the engine behind behaviour. It is with the help of cognitive abilities that we plan and organize our work in the short and long term, take actions, evaluate results, solve problems and make decisions. Without a brain, no cognition and without cognition, no action. Thus, in talent acquisition it is the individual cognitive profiler we want to measure and understand. As precise as possible, for the best possible understanding and basis of decision. Deep cognitive assessment is now available to the market. The cognitive tests are normalized and standardized in a way that is neutral to gender, age, ethnicity and cultural origin. It can thus be used and to drastically improve both sharpness, the holistic view of a person, the effectiveness and the objectivity in blind recruiting. And add a more nuanced understanding of ability, talent and potential. Cognition is everything. It is highly individual. It is fully measurable. Contact us for more information!

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