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GI Expert John Axelsson in EGN Podcast about sleep and the impact on our brain & leadership

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Game Intelligence expert and sleep scientist, professor John Axelsson was featured in an interview as part of the Swedish “LIKE A BOSS Podcast” series published by EGN Sweden (Executives Global Network) about consequences from lacking sleep and the impact on brain functioning and leadership.

Listen to the full, very exciting and entertaining podcast (available in Swedish only) with John here on “” to learn more about what sleep does for our health, for our brain functions, and how leaders can benefit from this knowledge.

“A Boss – The Lifeline for Sweden’s Managers” is a regular podcast series also available on e.g. Spotify and Acast for and by managers hosted by EGN CEO Daniel Stenmark. Welcoming known and unknown guests from Sweden's entire business community, the podcast series in general talks about current trends and (new) tools that make leaders smarter and their everyday life a bit easier and more fun.


If you want to hire John as a speaker or learn more about your own cognitive capacities with our test or are interested about Game Intelligence AB, contact us for additional information and your personal, your team’s or your organization’s assessment.

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