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Anders Norén

Christine Bedinger
- Lic. Psychologist
- Spec. Neuropsychology

Predrag Petrovic
- MD, PhD

John Axelsson
- Professor, PhD

Håkan Nilsson
- Board Member
- Exponential tech

Gerd Uleander
- Board Member
- Marketing, Sales

Emilie Nilsson
-Projects and operations

We're leading cognitive neuroscientists & neuropsychologists

Our founders and expert team are leading cognitive neuroscientists and neuropsychologists. We also cover areas as sleep and stress.

The knowledge and tools are used to translate test results into practical, real-life actions. We offer science-based short cut to identify and release human potential in the most practical way possible in terms of behavioral and performance development.

We also believe in starting focusing on the strengths and the positive side of things.


We are passionate and people friendly.

Our passion is to assess, understand, explain and develop behavior in order to make people and organizations become their best.

We are people friendly. Our key values are science, objectivity, unbias, inclusiveness, ethics and respect for individual integrity.


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