Training & Education
Introduction training

Understand the basis of neuroscience and neuropsychology.

Brain ball

Learn how neuroscience can help you predict why certain footballers perform better than others.

How to avoid bias in recruiting

74% of recruiters admit they have hired the wrong person for a certain position. Neuroscience offers more objective assessments to understand people.

Sleep like a Pro!

Listen to leading sleep expert John Axelsson and learn more about what sleep does for our health, for our brain functions, and how leaders can benefit from this knowledge.

Assessments & Profiling
Digital Assessment

A lighter level of assessment for greater groups of people in a cost-efficient way. Perform the test in your phone or on your laptop, whenever it suits you.

Complete Cognitive Profiling

A deeper and complete individual assessment. The interview is performed by a trained professional and with personal feedback from psychologist.

Role Related Profiling

The right person in the right place is necessary in any recruitment, make sure the candidate is up for the role. Deep interviews and feedback with trained psychologist.

State and Situation Related Profiling

How do we perform under stress, with little sleep, or in a changing environment? Deep interviews test the candidate under various states and situations.

Consulting & Coaching
Team Brain

Get out the most of your team, identify how individual’s cognitive profile in group match and complete with the other team members. Provides a report with an analysis on what profiles create the right conditions for cooperation and/or conflicts.

Organizational Brain

Use the digital screening tool to profile the entire organization, the leadership team can then with a trained professional learn how to get the most of your organization from a cognitive profiling point of view.

Brain Based Coaching

Start from your Complete Cognitive Profiling and plan you own personal performance development. Together with trained psychologist, set a development plan on how to get the most out of your strengths and learn how to compensate for you challenges.

Some of our clients

Find out more about the team, how to become a partner, or the science behind it.

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