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Game Intelligence Sweden AB initiate cooperation with Matthias Nowak, leading football technique and

After seven years as technical and creative football trainer for the women and youth teams in one of the world’s leading football clubs, FC Bayern Munich. He is also the founder of the German Football Academy in India. Matthias is now offering his services to other professional clubs.

“By collaborating with Game Intelligence AB and their world leading cognitive assessment and consulting services, I can in a unique way understand the individual as well as the team strengths and weaknesses and adapt the technical and creative training to individual needs and a very detailed and effective level”, says Matthias.

“Matthias very early understood the power of cognitive research and know-how behind Game Intelligence and how this can be used to transform modern football”. The collaboration started with Mathias Nowak and leading cognitive scientist, Torbjörn Vestberg, writing the book Kreativtraining im Fussball. “There is a very good match between our services and Matthias coaching as he so clearly develops his exercises and coaching on how the brain works and how to implement this on the field. We are very much looking forward to helping leading clubs and accademies in Germany to aquire the know-how we posses”, says Anders Norén CEO at Game Intelligence AB.

For inquiries, please contact Anders Norén or Matthias Nowak