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Integrate easily with our AI-powered digital platform.

Or include our premium services in your portfolio.

The platform include cognitive assessment, analysis and reporting. There are two main applications. Use it to collect data and improve precision in your existing service. And/or offer the full service including reporting to your end customers.


We also offer partnership based on our premium services like training, psychology lead testing and profiling, coaching and support.

Talent Acquisition & Talent Management

Recruiters and providers of online recruitment and matching services can complement existing assessment methods and reports, improving recruitment precision and predictability by using the sharpest assessment tool around.


ATS providers and job boards can upgrade their portfolio and value to end customers as well as partners. 


Providers of traditional tests like personality inventories or IQ-tests can sharpen and broaden existing offer towards end customers and new customers.


Large corporations wanting to incorporate Neuro in their way of working, understanding and boosting their people are more than welcome to contact us.

Actors in mental health, psychologists and psychiatric clinics

Psychologist or clinics can use our tools to both improve existing operation but also add broaden the offer to non-patient segment. Collaboration with us means simplifying and automating neuropsychological testing and profiling

Application in other businesses or activities where people matter

Sharper assessment and deeper understanding of people is useful in many contexts. Our tools are already being applied in sectors liked R&D, Schooling, football/sports, mental health, gaming and dating/relating. We are actively looking for partners and to the “right” actors we can find very interesting set-ups. Contact us and we’ll tell you more about how it works.

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