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Neuro is everything, every brain is unique. Every thought, feeling, action and behavioral pattern involves the brain.


Therefore understanding the brain, cognition and behavior is crucial. Not just in general but also on an individual level, with a specific focus on the most relevant brain functions that regulate human behavior and functioning.

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Understanding the brain, cognition and behavior

The knowledge about the human brain has evolved enormously during the last decades. Although very sharp and applicable, this knowledge is still to a large extent stuck in academies and psychiatric clinics. GI offers access to this thrilling, game changing and missing piece;

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An introduction to the brain

Make sure you understand our most fascinating and important asset – the brain. Join an exciting and interesting lecture by one of our neuroscientists;

  • The human brain

  • Principles for how the brain works

  • Our knowledge about the brain (research and methods)

  • What is cognitive neuroscience

  • How can I use the knowledge and tools in practice

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The conductor of the brain

Learn about the conductor of the brain that regulates behavior. The executive functions in the frontal lobe, distinguish humans from other primates and controls and regulates to a large extent control and direct our thoughts, feelings, decisions and behavior.

Without this knowledge we are blind to our own biological programming that explains why we are strong and less strong in different situations and activities. Why some things are easy and others hard and to what extent and cost.  Just as we all are born with our unique individual DNA, fingerprint and bodies, we also have our individual cognitive profile. This profile is possible to assess and document, with the highest level of standardization and validation.

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Cognitive Assessment & Profiling

Learn how a full cognitive assessment and profiling is performed, how this distinctively differs from other cognitive assessments on the market and why this gives you a deeper understanding of behavior and performance. Be able to make sharper decisions whether in talent acquisition, onboarding or optimization.


Lecture content:

  •  Psychological assessment in the workplace – An overview

  •  Neuro assessment explained

  •  Personality & intelligence vs neuro assessment

  •  Interpretation & application of results from neuroassessment

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Emotions and emotional regulation

Emotions are more or less present in our daily life and this is highly individual. Learn more about the mechanisms behind emotions and how they are regulated.


Our expert Predrag Petrovic is an author on  the theme. To read his book, follow this link “Emotional storms: Emotional instability and the brain”. 

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Football, business and the brain

Get a unique sneak-peak into the brain of elite football players. The exact same brain functions used on the pitch are active in any other problem solving.


Learn about these brain functions through exciting studies on football players and how this knowledge can be transferred to other activities and situations in working life.

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