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The sharpest digital assessment tool for rational volume screening of all applicants or employees as well as deeper assessments of individual cognitive capacity, talent and potential

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Our report and  support services offer deeper understanding of individual abilities, talent and potential



Deeper understanding and sharper and more informed decisions in selection, team building and HR development

Choose from three test packages

Problem solving l

25 min

An advanced and efficient screening test assessing "complex thinking", such as creativity, to find solutions to various types of problems. Cognitive flexibility, to switch between tasks. And strategic thinking, to find the shortest path to reach a goal

Problem solving ll

35 min

Extended problem solving including the ability regulate impulses and reactions and to identify and sort essential information for efficient decision making

Full cognitive profiling

50 min


An excellent tool to understand behavior and predict performance in different contexts. Includes individual cognitive profile and capacity. Variation in easy and complex tasks and cognitive endurance. Self awareness of cognitive capacity and finally a predictive index for parameters as leadership, goal orientation, stress etc.

Single assessments

Tests can be bought separately. We always recommend the full test combined with expert support for deeper insight. 

Pay only for the number of candidates that you need to test.  
Discounts apply to volume purchases. 

One test- Unlimited candidates

Full cognitive profile

Complex thinking, Extended

Complex thinking, Base

99 EUR

59 EUR

599 SEK /

799 SEK /

999 SEK /

79 EUR

Buy one test and test an unlimited number of candidates. 
Discounts apply to volume purchases. 

One test - One candidate

Pay only for the number of candidates that you need to test.  
Discounts apply to volume purchases. 

Complex thinking, Base

Complex thinking, Extended

Full cognitive profile

79 SEK /

7,9 EUR

109 SEK /

10,9 EUR

149 SEK /

14,9 EUR

Subscription plans

Choose a subscription that suits your talent process needs. You can always change plan.

Suitable for companies that recruit up to 2 people/year. Additional tests and expert support* can be bought separately.

Free trial

2 test campaigns

Any test configuration

Cognitive spider chart

Candidate list with score

Full cognitive profile


Suitable for companies that recruit up to 10 people/year.  Additional tests and expert support* can be added separately.


Suitable for companies that want the freedom to recruit and assess an unlimited amount of people. Expert support is included for optimal understanding and decision making.

*Add expert support for maximum understanding and decision making in recruiting. 

As this is a BETA service there may be delays and bugs in the delivery. The quality of the content is however solid. We ask for understanding an appreciate any feedback that helps improving the service.